Water test



  • It can be completely customised with your logo/message/info and tips on how to use your products in relation to the level of scale measured
  • it is sealed and protected in a transparent flow-pack and ready to use
  • it is handy and has an easy-to-grip shape for a quick test
  • it’s disposable


In order to grant the best performance of electrical household appliances

If water is hard then electrical household appliances, such as washing machines, dish washers, heaters and coffee makers, will need accurate descaling to keep them at peak performance and to avoid an increase in the consumption of the different detergents used.
Moreover, a regular maintenance of household appliances depending on water hardness, will help reducing repairing costs.


Energy saving

The layer of scale that forms inside the pipes of heating systems acts as an insulator and hot water radiation is much reduced: it has been calculated that it takes just 1 mm of scale to increase energy consumption by 10-15%.



Because of hard water, hair can be dull, rough, and lifeless. “Aqua Test” enables to check water hardness and to suggest consumers the best products to have brilliant and clean hair. Skin too can be aggressed by hard water: this tester, therefore, can also be matched to face and body creams or lotions.



Particularly suitable for laundry detergents, this test can be a valid support to dose detergents correctly and avoid wastes and pollution.


Water filters

Water filtering carafes are much useful to have always available optimum water, ready for drinking or to be boiled for coffees, teas and infusions. Our testers helps determining if water is too hard, with much scale, and needs to be filtered.

Acqua test

Water test

Allows to test water hardness in just a few seconds.

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