Scented leaflets



Transmitting a scented message, with the goal of capturing the interest of the reader’s senses, visual as well as olfactory, can be effectively accomplished with Aromas®, a system that makes it possible to channel fragrances and aromas through the most common medium known, namely the printed page.


Preserving its aroma intact for extended periods of time, immune to contamination, a fragrance can be microencapsulated and printed, ready for the reader to break the microcapsules, liberating the essence contained within them. This is the principle underlying the success of “scratch and sniff” and “tear and sniff” advertising inserts made with Aromas microcapsules.


Thanks to the extraordinary accuracy of their smelling response, many other industries, besides the sophisticated world of perfumes, employ Aromas® with success: Automotive, Clothing, Cosmetic, Deodorants, Detergents, Finance, Food, Pharmaceutical, Publishing, Spa, Tourism.


I.P.S. researchers and technicians personally supervise all phases of every project, from microencapsulation tests to the industrial manufacture of printed products.

Aromas® perfumed leaflets

Aromas® perfumed leaflets with encapsuled fragrances


The microencapsulation technique used to make Aromas® applications offers the possibility of producing effective advertising messages so that the customer may be captured through the sense of smell as well as visually which is more common.


Once the microcapsules have been coated on paper, they will remain sealed until they are broken and the perfume is released by being scratched with a finger or by lifting a strip of paper.


Due to the absolute accuracy of the olfactory response, one of the most well known fields of application is the production of perfume samples both in the “Scratch & Sniff” version and in the more sophisticated “Tear & Sniff” version.


Thanks to the creativity of advertising agencies, however, Aromas® is increasingly being used to give life to effective promotional/advertising campaigns in other industries as well, including the following: Clothing – Food – Car – Cosmetics – Deodorant – Detergent – Publishing – Pharmaceuticals – Finance – Spas – Tourism.


For an olfactory test and printability, of your essences requires a sample of 200g of essential oil insoluble in water.

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