Microcapsules and Cyclodextrine

Microcapsules and Cyclodextrine


Through the process of microencapsulation or complexation in cyclodextrins, it is possible to protect essential oils and raw materials insoluble in water and get the controlled release.


Here below some applications available on the market:


  • Scented insoles for shoes, are effective against bad smells in footwear. They are treated with microencapsulated fragrances, which release their aroma when the foot comes into contact with the insole during walking. Scented insoles ensure maximum comfort, are hypoallergenic and with non-slip treatment


  • Perfumed tights that give off the fragrance content in the microcapsules when worn encouraging, during the summer, a refreshing action or tights treated with microcapsules for the release of the anti-cellulite actives.


  • Perfumed testers in self-adhesive label shape to be applied to car fresheners packaging and perfumers environment or directly printed on the blister. Rubbing the perfumed area, microcapsules release the aroma of the product.


  • Scented microcapsules in aqueous solution, containing essential oils and aromas, not soluble in water, ready for the deposition and printing on cards, postcards, labels, inserts for magazines and advertising leaflets.

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