Functional microcapsules for hosiery

Simplifying the concept, microencapsulating means protecting microscopic parts of a substance, in a liquid or solid state, by coating them in a very thin membrane. Thus, an aqueous suspension of millions of microcapsules is obtained which, preserves the chemical-physical characteristics of the microencapsulated substances.

The membrane that forms the microcapsule can be made with different features, according to the destination for which it is designed: microcapsules resistant to the external agents or sensitive to pressure, friction, humidity or heat are then obtained.

It is a significantly growing market as shown by several sector analyzes that, on average, estimated its size in the USA at $ 8.00 billion in 2018 and which is continuously expanding since 2014. (See here: Still, in 2018 the sub-sector that covered more than 50% of the entire market turned out to be the pharmaceutical one followed by personal-care, food and agrochemical. Smaller, but consolidated, the applications in the textile industry.

I.P.S. International Products & Services, an Italian company based in San Donato Milanese, has been expert in this technique for more than forty years and offers 100% Made in Italy solutions.

The main sectors in which IPS applies its innovative microencapsulation techniques: PROMOTIONAL (interactive gadgets), INDUSTRIAL (temperature indicators), RETAIL (thermometers for fever, scented insoles, patches with fragrances, etc.), FOOD SUPPLEMENTS (active ingredients protected), PRINTED AND FABRICS (dry and aqueous suspension of functional microcapsules).

By masking any unpleasant flavors and smells of raw materials, I.P.S. International Products & Services provides the highest quality solutions, reaching the market with products whose concentration can reach 87% by mass.

Of particular importance are the products developed by IPS in the underwear and hosiery sector, allowing multiple applications according to the chemical-physical activity of the main constituent of the microcapsules.

In fact, I.P.S. International Products & Services offers to the most important manufacturers of socks and tights, some of the most advanced solutions to create fabrics enriched with perfumed microcapsules or slow release of soothing, refreshing and antibacterial substances (i.e. applications on nylon and not only).

The I.P.S. attitude towards research and development, has enabled partnerships for the creation of unique and engineered ad hoc products tailored on the needs of several international customers operating in the segment of women’s hosiery, and distinguishing itself for quality, reliability and innovation.