Fat analysis

Information about fat analysis

ADIPOTEST works with thermographic plates which permit to point out abdominal fat and its hardening level. This is a fundamental data to adopt an effective and targeted treatment strategy.


To reduce the abdominal adipose membrane it is important to know if this membrane is soft or hard, and to know its extension.


The specialist who knows this data can select the most suitable lipolytic or fibrolytic treatments and obtain the best results.

Advantages of fat analysis

  • identify the level of fat hardening on the abdomen
  • select the most appropriate treatments for each level of adiposity
  • localize the most problematic areas of hardened fat, to intervene with targeted treatments
  • monitor the progress of treatments (before and after treatment)
  • easy to combine to professional abdominal fat treatments
  • quick, simple, accurate and non invasive system

Adicell Thermo

This is the first thermographic system combining the early detection and classification of cellulite on the legs to the identification of abdominal adiposity, thus allowing to obtain the best results from each aesthetic treatment.


Adicell Thermo is supplied with 4 high-resolution plates and one tablet to record thermographic images and test results.

Adipovision is a contact thermography kit that allows distinguishing and localizing the areas of soft and hardened fat on the abdomen in order to set up targeted treatments.


Adipovision is supplied with two liquid crystal thermographic plates and with a manual system to record test results.


Adipo test

Professional thermographic system allowing to recognize and treat abdominal fat, supplied with Android Tabled and specific app.


The thermographic plates supplied allow to identify and localize the presence of hardened fat, eiher on women and on men.


The Tablet with its app enable the specialist to take a picture of the thermographic image and to store them together with other customer data.

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