Encapsulated products for alimentary use

Flowactives® – Encapsulated products for alimentary use

FLOWACTIVES® products are developed using the microencapsulation technology, a process through which row materials, both liquid as solid, are protected with a very thin membrane to obtain the following benefits:


  • Transformation of liquid raw materials in a free flowing powder
  • Flavours and odors masking
  • Increased stability of active ingredients
  • Increase resistance to high temperatures and mechanical stress
  • Reduced oxidation of the active ingredient
  • Active ingredients concentration up to 87%
  • Use in the preparation of tablets and capsules, for a controlled release of the active principle at predetermined conditions


The encapsulated product can have dimensions between 100 and 1000 micron, depending on application and relative oil density.


Used in combination with other vegetal extracts and choleretic-cholagogue plants in the manufacture of food supplements, helps to promote the maintenance of liver function.


The microcapsules added to oral solid formulations – facilitate the conveyance of rosemary oil in the intestine, increasing the therapeutic efficacy.

Fish oil

With high content of fatty acids Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) is effective in the prevention of cardiovascular problems.


The availability of fish oil in microcapsules form allows to exploit the benefits of essential fatty acids in innovative dosage forms, which are easy to produce and with high versatility in formulation, combined to a good stability during time and better patience compliance.


In addition, the microcapsule contribute to cover the bad taste typical of fish oil.

Mixture of fennel, anise, caraway and cinnamon

Is effective in the removal of air accumulated in the stomach and intestines and to alleviate the pain derived from these issues.


The microencapsulated form represents a physical barrier which prevents the oils from coming into contact with the external agents, while keeping unaltered the properties of active constituents.


Known for its carminative – cholagogue properties and effective in disorders of digestion, the microcapsules are specifically designed for the protection of the active ingredient in acid gastric environment where it could generate situations of painful irritation.


They also allow the conveyance of the active principle in the intestine, increasing the therapeutic efficacy.


With anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-hypertensive, this oil has a pungent flavor.


The microcapsule is configured as a protective barrier preventing direct contact of the oil with the taste buds, but will maintain the properties of the active constituents.

Serenoa Repens

Rich in fatty acids and phytosterols, the oil is used in the control of benign prostatic hyperplasia and hair loss.


The microcapsules, studied for the protection of the active part, can be added to oral solid formulations or orosoluble single dose sachets, keeping unaltered the oil’s nutritional features

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