Cellulite – Contact Thermography

Information about Cellulite – Contact Thermography

Contact thermography, patented technology, is based on the use of microencapsulated liquid crystal plates that have the property of changing color according to temperature variations.


By placing these plates on the body, it is possible to detect the skin temperature (which reflects what happens in the underlying tissues) and therefore highlight, through color pictures, the presence or absence of the typical signs of cellulite and the type of adiposity on various parts of the body.


The first applications of contact thermography date back to the 1970s in the medical field (mass screening of breast diseases, other investigative actions in areas such as rheumatology, angiology, sports medicine and many others). More recently this method has been adopted in the professional aesthetic field for the early detection and classification of the thermal aspects of cellulite and the type of adiposity.

Advantages of contact thermography


  • Identify the very first stages of cellulite, not yet visible, to intervene immediately with preventive treatments
  • Show women the need to undergo a targeted treatment
  • Localize and classify the main stages of cellulite, to select personalised treatments
  • Monitor and show a woman the treatment results
  • Innovative and unique diagnostic system
  • Easily combinable with professional cosmetic treatments or electro-medical equipment
  • No need for periodical maintenance or spare parts replacement
  • Customizable system as far as packaging design and thermographic plates are concerned.



  • Identifies the type of fat on the abdomen, arms and calves
  • Helps to choose the most appropriate treatments for the type of adiposity detected
  • Identifies the most problematic areas of the hardened fat, to intervene with targeted treatments
  • Allows to monitor the progress of the treatments, showing the “before and after”
  • Easy to combine with professional fat treatment systems, both manual and electronic
  • Fast, simple, immediate and non-invasive system


It is the TOP thermographic system of the range that allows a complete check-up of the body: the thermographic analysis of cellulite and adiposity on the abdomen, arms and calves.


It includes 6 high resolution thermographic plates, reusable and extremely sensitive to different body temperatures. It comes with an Apple iPad tablet with application dedicated to recording and assisted interpretation of the results of the thermographic test.

Adicell Thermo

This is the first thermographic system combining the early detection and classification of cellulite on the legs to the identification of abdominal adiposity, thus allowing to obtain the best results from each aesthetic treatment.


Adicell Thermo is supplied with 4 high-resolution plates and one tablet to record thermographic images and test results.

Adicell thermo

CelluTest Tablet

Performing professional thermographic system for cellulite analysis, supplied with Android tablet and with a specific app.


In this way, it will be even easier to take a picture of the thermographic image and to store it with client data and test results on your tablet.

Cell-Meter professional KIT

This is a professional system supplied with thermographic plates having a STANDARD RESOLUTION and specifically conceived for the professional beauty center.


The plates are available in three different thermal gradients and provided with a useful measuring tape to take the leg circumference.


Test results can be noted manually on the cards or directly on the specialist’s PC thanks to the special software supplied with the kit.

Celluvision Plus

It is a basic thermographic kit for the analysis of cellulite. It comes with 2 re-usable liquid crystal plates, with a soft and flexible support, which allow to get a panoramic view of the level of cellulite.


To carry out tests during and after the treatment, the results of the thermographic analysis can be recorded on the registration forms supplied with the kit.

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Professional custom system

IPS also proposes personalized systems (plate design and/or packaging) to customers wishing to offer their own-branded thermographic system, combined with their cosmetic line or equipment.


Several solutions are available or can be developed on demand.


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Contact thermography for abdominal fat analysis.

How can I install the app on the tablet?

To install the app on the tablet, follow the instructions for use supplied with the thermographic system.

Can I use my personal Android tablet?

Any Android tablet with the following minimal features can be used to install and use the app:

S.O. ANDROID 4.4 and 6.0, 7-inch screen, 1024 x 768 screen resolution, minimum 2 GB of RAM, rear camera with autofocus and 5Mpx resolution.

For the tablet with iOS system, use a fourth or fifth generation iPad Mini.

What happens if I perform a complete reset of the tablet?

In the case of full tablet reset (or if the app is deleted and installed again), all data stored in the app is deleted and lost.

To avoid losing data, we recommend that you back up your tablet regularly using the back up features of your app settings.

Are the thermographic plates reusable?

Yes, they are reusable.

Why is a thermographic system supplied with minimum two plates?

Because women might have different body temperatures.


The availability of at least two plates, with different thermal gradient, allow to perform a good cellulite analysis (test cellulite) both on cold and on warm legs.

How can the plates be cleaned?

There is a special detergent for thermographic plates (THERMOCLEANER), alternatively you can use a wet soft rag or a disinfectant that does not contain alcohol or solvents. It is necessary to clean only the part of the plate that goes into contact with the body.

If the plate doesn't show any image, does it mean it doesn't work?

No, when the plate doesn’t show any image it means the leg is colder than the working temperature of that plate, or that the room temperature is too low.


It is therefore necessary to utilize a plate reacting to lower temperatures or to re-establish the ideal conditions before repeating the test.

Are the plates to be used only on legs or also on other body regions?

The plates were projected to work on legs, that is to say on the body regions mainly concerned by cellulite.

Why shall I use thermography when I'm able to detect cellulite through palpation?

Because thermography will enable you to identify the very first stage of cellulite, not detectable through palpation.


You will therefore be able to intervene immediately with preventive treatments.

Is the thermographic test innocuous?

Yes, the thermographic test is absolutely innocuous, harmless and without any contraindication.

How many thermographic tests can I perform with the same plate?

If handled with care and preserved as indicated in the directions for use supplied, the thermographic plates have a minimum life of two years, and they do not have any limit in the number of tests they can perform.

How can I select the right plate among the available ones?

The top-of-the-range systems come with a special device that allows you to know, in a few seconds, which plate to use. It is also possible to manually select the plate by verifying that it shows a color image.

Shall I attend a training course on contact thermography?

No, reading attentively the documentation supplied with every system is enough to perform a correct thermographic analysis of cellulite.

What shall I do after detecting the level of cellulite?

You can determine the most suitable treatments thanks to your professional experience and/or consulting the book supplied with all thermographic systems.

Why is every system supplied with more than one plate?

Our systems are provided with minimum 2 plates, or even 3 or 6, because temperature of the leg can be different for every woman.


These variations happen within a temperature range which is split in several values, every one covered by one of the plates supplied with each systems.

What do the colours on the plate correspond to?

Each color corresponds to a temperature according to a precise color scale. However, the presence and level of cellulite are not identified by the color but by the type of image that is formed on the plate.

For the analysis of adiposity, the color highlighted after the thermographic test turned out to be very important to distinguish hardened and soft adiposity.